Social Distance Virtual 5k



Social Distance Virtual 5k

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In this time of necessary social distancing, a lot of running races and groups runs are being canceled. That's a small inconvenience compared to the health and economic difficulties people are facing right now. But let's try to "race" and also help people out. Here's how the Social Distance 5k works: On any day between Monday, March 30th and Saturday, April 11th, run a 5k BY YOURSELF in the location of your choosing. You should NOT be running with others when you do this. The registration money ($10) will be used to support the Little Falls Food Pantry, which is receiving many requests for food and ramping up to be able to provide more in the future. We want to help make sure this basic need is met. The Food Pantry is also run by the YMCA, which has been VERY helpful to us over the past few years, supplying insurance, timing, facilities, etc.You do NOT have to live in Little Falls, the Mohawk Valley, or New York to participate.

Obviously, we won't all be running the same course, so that part isn't "fair." This isn't about winning a race, but instead being able to get out, run hard, and do good. Anyone completing the competition will be placed in drawing to receive some RCR swag. In order for your results to be considered, you can upload them to whatever site you use (like Strava) and then put THAT link in this Google Form:






Monday, March 30, 2020


Anywhere, USA
Little Falls, NY

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