Pedaling 4 Parkinson's Fundraising 2017

Pedaling 4 Parkinson's Fundraising 2017

Pedaling 4 Parkinson’s draws hundreds each year to join the fight against Parkinson’s Disease. This year we will be starting at Sweetwater Park in Lone Tree. Riders can choose from threeroutes – 60-Mile, 40-Mile, and 10-Mile.  All money raised from riders will be donated toThe Michael J. Fox Foundation for Parkinson’s Research. Whether you’re a rider, sponsor, or volunteer, every effort counts.


Thanks to Margaret Dietz and Chris Bord Ferris ~ Jenny Davies

Go VF and fam!! This is awesome! Hope this went really well! ~ Christine Park

So proud of you Jim! ~ Karyl Fellows

Schwab Charitable grant ~ Chris & Mary Doerr

Fidelity Charitable grant ~ Mike & Julie Esstman

Thanks Jay for supporting this cause and riding for me! Very much appreciated!! ~ Tom Yaley

Mary & Barry: Sounds like a wonderful day! Thanks for doing this!! Deb ~ Deb Lopez

We love you guys! Pedal Pedal Pedal! ~ Ethan Martin

I am so proud of your entire team. I am sorry I could not be there but heard it was an amazing event. GO strong Scott and family. ~ maria markel

Late - but know you had a great time and have achieved great things in fund raising! ~ Carol Ann McConville

Thanks Dan for supporting the Parkinson's Society ~ Shawn ONeil

In honor of Jim Fross ~ Margaret Fross

Glad to contribute for such a worthy cause ~ Steven Moore

donation for James Koepke ~ James Koepke

donation for James Koepke ~ James Koepke

donation for James Koepke ~ Patty Kay Cavey

What a great cause. Happy to help you reach your goal. Love you, Mom ~ Angela Gray

Wish I could do more. ~ ken churchill

Great work, Derrin! ~ Deb Dunn

Thank you Kevin for your commitment in honoring my Dad. I really appreciate it. ~ EJ Flynn

Way to go Mr. Nykerk! I met Stephanie at the Team Fox dinner and am in awe of you both. Thanks for using your story to help our whole community. We wish you the best! ~ Rachel Young

Congrats on completing the ride. I hope you had fun. ~ Terri P

A perfect day to go with a well planned and executed event. So much fun riding with Team Mindfulmess. Jane - you are an amazing lady and that Steve guy is pretty awesome also. ~ Richard Marchetti

Rock on team Mindful Mess !! ~ ann brexa

finally ~ dana stuart

Bike-a-delic! ~ Laura Hennemann

Go Amanda and Wade!! ~ Danielle McCorkel

Wish I could have been there to ride with you. ~ Mark Livingston

So inspiring to see you biking these challenging rides! ~ Puneet Pasrich

Good luck Derrin!!! &128693;&8205;♀️ ~ Richard Borkowski

Have a great ride! ~ Jean Oliphant

Go Melanie!! ~ Ofa Weaver

Go Jane Roe. Keep up your amazing fight against Parkinson''''s. You are a great inspiration. ~ Steve Olsen

Crank On! ~ Jeff & Marty Smith

Go team Great Scott!! ~ Jack & Phyl Machiela

Pedal like CRAZY!! ~ Margaret Jacot

Glad to be able to donate towards finding a way through. Ride on. ~ Patricia Karamesines

Georgia, Miles, Beau and Whit ~ Miles McCune

Have a great ride! ~ Denise Gonzales

Go Team!!! ~ Marcy Heronimus

Step big! Speak loud! ~ Richard Rodgers

You go, Kevin & Joani. ~ Sharon Badian

you go girl ~ Mark Hallberg

Get after it Bug Dude and Danimal!!! ~ Brad Nielsen

Godspeed ~ The Till's

Thanks for participating in P4P ~ Arlene & Jerry Raskin

Positive thoughts! Praying for a cure. Keep peddling! ~ Brenda Dalman

Love you guys! ~ Alecia & Steve Drake

Have a great ride!!!! ~ Joey Schneider

Great cause, glad to help with funding. ~ Michael Raber

Thank you for riding for this worthy cause. My aunt has been battling this for over 10 years and I have seen it slowly taking away her mobility and zest for life. It''''s particularly difficult given the number of sub-categories of Parkinson''''s. Than ~ Irene Pai

Go Ellen!! ~ Elena Nunez

Have a great ride, Elizabeth!! ~ Cynthia Schmidt

What an incredibly thoughtful thing for you'''' guys to do ! Geaux nuts! ~ Robert Melancon

Have a great ride! ~ The McNally's

Go Jen!! You''''re strong and an amazing!! I''''m so proud of you and All you do. Love you lots. ~ Lesley Churchill

Go Sarah!! Thank you for pedaling for Parkinson''''s!! ~ Gwen Kuklo

Great job Ayden! Hope you have a great ride! Uncle Matt ~ Matthew Graw


I admire you for all your efforts. Good Luck!! ~ Janice McCalip

Go Ellen! Great cause! ~ Darlene Doug Halvorsen

Proud of you Ayden! ~ Jonah Graw

You can do it! Go Jenn Go! Great cause great Niece. ~ Rog & Lynn Churchill

Hey Ayden. Hope you enjoy your time with your bike tandem project! Definitely a great cause and wish you all the best! - Phil Gozun ~ Phil Gozun

Get tough you creampuff! ~ Rick Ames

Good Luck to your Dad ~ Bob Kovacs

Great way to raise money for a good cause! Good Luck! ~ Sandra Garcia

Ride, Team Esstman, ride! Wish I could join you. I''''ll be riding with you in spirit! ~ Jill Peterfeso

Crank a few strokes for my Dad who is also battling PD! ~ Peter Shaw

Nice work, it''''s a great cause! Hope things are well! ~ Dan Maurer

pedal hard! ~ Greg Butler

Have fun and be safe!! Love, Aunt Sharon and Uncle James ~ Sharon Myers

Ride hard!!! Or just have fun ~ Mark Steward

Ride fast and hard, Mike ~ Michael Bargers

You go Jane! ~ Vance Carlson

Don...enjoy the ride and know that you are working hard for a very important cause. ~ Dana Peterfeso

Good Luck Ayden! ~ Grandma Carpenter

See you Saturday ~ Tom Ritz

Good Luck Scott & team! you got this! and have fun and enjoy the time together :) ~ Dan & Lori Khodl

Go guys! This is for Barry, Adrienne, Lorraine, Maria and all our friends and loved ones, who are fighting this battle. ~ Jane & Smyth Mulligan

Have a great ride. Good luck from North Carolina ~ Jean and Dante Chinni

Good luck this weekend! ~ Debbie Charlton

Thanks for riding for Parkinson''''s! ~ Bill and Jennifer Kaufman

Go get ''''em, Dan! ~ Rob Blake

Bike your way to peace and happiness my friend ~ Trelka Trelka

Have fun Derrin ~ Garry Lundberg

Have fun! Just keep turning those pedals over and think circles. ~ Jay Morse

Good luck with the ride! Such a great cause! ~ Erin Swanstrom

The whole family wishes you save travels!! ~ Genevieve Book

Thanks! Love you both! ~ Sam and Nancy McCorkel

I am proud of you! You are a good person ~ Sarah Doerr

Great Scott -Pedal Your Feet Off! - the employees of the Fridays Jean Fund Team - Good Luck! ~ Employees of Lakewood Construction

You Go Girl!!! Xoxoxoox ~ Farlene Greene

To Wayne: Keep fighting. To Dan & Suzanne: Pedal on. To Parkinson''''s: F* You. ~ Michael Hans

Great cause Tom!! ~ David Hartman

Thank you for supporting P4P, Melanie! ~ Patricia and Terry Fiske

Thinking of Barry and the Team! We''''re with you all the way! Love, Debbie and Paul ~ Deborah Anderson

Thank you, Shannon, for supporting P4P! ~ Patricia and Terry Fiske

Good luck on your ride, Sean! Hope the weather is good, and that you feel good. ~ Michael Carroll

Ride like the Wind!!! Flint & Monique ~ Flint & Monique Hindman

Great effort - you''''re amazing, Kim! ~ Tammy Weckwerth

Mike Kosel gives so much, so giving to P4P on his behalf. ~ Stephanie Heitz

Pedaling for Don ~ Stephanie Heitz

Way to go, Laurel! Proud of you. Hoping this helps find a cure! -Andrew & Felice ~ Andrew Esstman

Good luck! ~ Amanda Sloan

Good luck, safe travels, and pedal hard!! ~ Ashley DeWitt

Love you, ya big jerky! Ride safe! ~ Lavonne Tetrault

Give the snakes a wide berth! ~ Lavonne Tetrault

I feel like Dan hijacked the original donations... didn''''t know you''''d have your own page and goal! :) Party on, excellent! ~ Suzanne Corriell

Wonderful cause. So good that you''''re participating! ~ Debby Herrick

Go you! ~ Julie Reeves

Pedal fast! Have fun! ~ Margaret Fross

Hope this multiplies many times over to find that cure ~ Bernice Esstman

Go Team Great Scott! The Sharps Love you!!! ~ Sarah Sharp

Good luck&128692;&8205;♀️ ~ Sharlene Kelly

Go for it, Elizabeth! ~ Caroline Malde

Go, Elizabeth!!! ~ Frank Krebs

Go Scott!! ~ Judy Smith

Go team Berryman! ~ Sharon Messinger

Stay upright. No more family injuries! ~ Nancy Rhiner

My father suffered with Parkinsons ~ Edwin Hamlin

Go Barry!! ~ Shari Alexander

Good luck, good cause, ~ Harold Praznik

Look Forward to riding and supporting Team Great Scott ~ Kristin Lipari

Go Team Vonage! ~ Christine Germaine

Proud of you! ~ Edward Book

Take Mr. Chi! ~ Jeff Koehler

Team Great Scott rocks!! ~ dianne mugg

beacuse Jenny asked; in honor of Barry; in memory of Liz Westerfield''''s mom ~ Katie Reinisch

Good luck and for a great cause. ~ Scott Liddick

Good luck, Sabrina and Jen! ~ Lisette Sacco

Good luck ~ Larry DeGroot

Work it Milton! ~ Rick Ayers

Hugs Laurel. Love to you and your patents. ~ Pamela Super

Good luck on your ride and thanks for raising awareness of PD!- Zain and Sarah ~ Sarah Haider

Kevin, thank you for your personal commitment to this critically important cause...Mike Benigno ~ Michael Benigno

This is for Barry and Larry, my cousin. ~ Diane Dillingham

Lets do this Laurel - wish I could ride with you guys !! ~ Marilyn Olger

Go team Berryman! ~ Sharon Messinger

Good luck Evelyn and your teammates ~ Kathy Molinari

Ride hard and have fun! ~ Diane Kelly

Have a great ride! ~ Lin & Gary Sunshine

Good Luck Bud!! ~ Linda Pete Gatchell

Pedal safe and thoughts and prayers follow you&128591;&127995;🚵🏻‍♀️🚵🏻🚵🏻‍♀️🚵🏻 ~ Sue and Tom DenHerder

You all are inspiring! ~ Shawn/Meg Foutch

Go Sabrina! ~ Cara Jo Miller

Great cause! ~ Erika Signorella

Go go go! Thanks for doing this for Dad. :) ~ Suzanne Barker Corriell

Go Mikey! ~ Hillary Riley

So very unfortunate that some people have to struggle in their lives because of diseases like Parkinson''''s. Great reason to ride! Go Suzanne and Dan! ~ Kristen Sobotka

Your family is inspiring. Enjoy the ride. ~ Kathryn Krause

Pedal Fast ~ Douglas Wheeler

I got yer back KAK!! ~ dave gladish

I''''d love to join you, but I will be out of town. My dad had parkinson''''s, so this cause is dear to me. Happy riding! ~ Laura Buhs

Screw Parkinson''''''''s ~ Dana Schoenecker

Thank you for riding for Jim and all the others who suffer with Parkinson''''s. Screw Parkinsons! :-) ~ Lisa Castaneda

God speed in the race and future fundraisers and for victory in healing for Jim and other champs! ~ Duain Rice

Deb Glenn Thanks Mike for Pedaling for Parkinsons! ~ Deb Glenn

Pedal On, ~ Patricia Corriell

Go Mike, thanks for supporting the cause ~ lee glenn

Thanks! ~ Pat Blumenthal

Xoxo ~ Trisha FL

Go Don and Team Esstman! ~ Greg Osborn

GO Scott, Mary, Steph and Andrew!!! ....pedal, pedal, pedal, drink, drink, drink, pedal, pedal, pedal and son on..LOL! Have fun and enjoy the day! ~ Mike and Kim Eilander

Go Stephen Go! Get those wheels spinning! ~ Sarah Wolfe

Go Dan! ~ Michelle Haney

So honored to donate to such a great cause!! You got this Larry!! ~ Maureen Khattar

For Kim''''s Dad and my cousin, Jim. ~ Karen Golz

Great cause! ~ Jolene Haverkamp

Donation contingent on Roy wearing a meat helmet in lieu of a regular helmet. ~ Greg Ahlquist

Good luck Honey! Love you! Jen ~ Jennifer Haverkamp

Good Luck!! ~ Tim McCormick

Be careful out there! ~ Cindy Frenchman

Good luck Kevin. Thank you. ~ Mike Shand

Thank you for riding for this important cause ~ Ginger Johnson

Go Larsy Go! ~ Mark Goldman

Praying for success for the Nykerks and for a cure ~ MaeLee Nykerk

Go Team! ~ Timothy Champion

Best wishes! ~ Anne Krieg

Thank you for riding to support Parkinson''''s Peter! ~ Linda Nehls

Go Team CTL! ~ Leslie Kelly

Great cause. Good luck! ~ Jared Gehle

Kevin, Have a Great ride! ~ Mitch Herold

Good luck Sean and the rest of the P4P participants! ~ adam Troutwine

Go Charlie! ~ Wild Birds Unlimited

Good Luck KAK ~ Ed Orci

Thanks Lars. U don''''''''t know how deep this goes for me. Love you and thanks ox ~ Donna Meschkow

Keep up the fight! Great Job! ~ Eileen Bedinghaus

You rock babe! ~ Barb Polman

thanks Kevin keep up the great work ~ Mark Keniston

Kevin you are a Stud! ~ Brett Jones

Thank you Larry for pedaling for Parkinson''''s ~ Margaret and Ron Wood

Yes we can, in support of my sister!! ~ Laurie Bitter

Long live the King ~ I know he will meet you on your path of honor !! ~ Mike Tapp

Can''''t ride this year but honored to donate. ~ Roger Deanna Hebbert

Congratulations Mary Neal and Barry on your big move!!!! So happy to hear! Maybe next year I will join you on a bike. Keep inspiring and biking! Love to you and all the family! ~ Mary Trotter

Great cause, glad to help. ~ Pat Celeste

Great cause! Have a great ride! ~ Ann Marie Hedges

Way to go Kevin, thanks for letting me be a part of this! ~ Lee Franklin

Good luck, Larry! ~ Doug Bratman

Thanks for doing this, Charlie ~ Hugo Steensma

Another Miracle ~ Kathy and Bill Stieglitz

You go IRONMAN!!!! Proud of you!!! ~ Jill & Rich Schneider

Bite their ankles! ~ Randy and Mel

Evan Gay ~ Evan Gay

Sean: Your achievement and commitment to this cause is fantastic. Have a great ride. Best, Glen ~ Glen Stuart

Wish I could be there to cheer you on in person. Go Larry! ~ Marci Stepman

Go Joan!! ~ Kim Crawford

Go Ev!!! ~ Felicity Coye

Have a great ride. We are your mental and spiritual sag wagon with you all the way in spirit! Paul and Bridget ~ Bridget Sullivan

Go Chad! ~ Matt Johnson

Have a really great ride, crew!! ~ Sarah Branstiter

Jenny - my dear, dear old friend! Miss you and thinking of your wonderful brother-in-law! xoxo ~ robin freedman

Go Jenny!!!!! Happy to support you on such an awesome event. Love you, Davey Wavey ~ David Massa

We are donating in honor of Pam Kleiner''''s beloved father, Zeke O''''Nan, who recently passed away. ~ Christie & Gretchen

Evelyn - you go girl! ~ Jim & Kristin

Thank you, Charlie!! Enjoy the ride!! ~ kim rubin

Pedaling for a cause makes it even more worthwhile! ~ Marcia Wagoner

Go, Charlie, GO!!! I''''m going to share this with our Santa Fe PD Group and hopefully more of them will consider donating to this worthy cause. THANK YOU SO MUCH for doing this!! Karen ~ Karen St Clair

From our hearts, this is a wonderful thing you do. Lots of love, Nancy & Kevin ~ Nancy Strelau

Go Chad! ~ Cassie & Jarett Sturdevant

God Bless Joan for doing this!!! ~ Jen Blazis

Go for it Chad....I am sure you will do well! Robert Wagoner ~ Robert Wagoner

Cheering you on from New Jersey! ~ Joyce Vogler

Have an awesome ride! ~ Denice D'Alessio

Glad to donate to a wonderful cause! ~ Chris Weaver

Get it cuz, ave a great ride! ~ Jenni Presser

So proud of you Cuz! ~ Laurie and Rich Brownstein

Hi Larry - Though we have not met, I''''m Barb''''s cousin and wish you luck! Hope we can meet one of these days. -Anita ~ Anita Bihovsky

Charlie... you rock!!! ~ Sandy Vermillion

Go Charlie!! ~ Maria Borden

Go Buzzard - good cause! ~ Kathryn Forbush

Enjoy the Ride! ~ Doreen Calder

Go Joan Go!!! ~ Alan Stachura

Good luck Joanie!!! ~ Leann Fischer

you guys are awesome for doing this, a donation is the least we can do to help sam. ~ mark and heather pierce

Go get ''''em tiger! :) ~ Shane & Alison Kroening

Have a good ride! ~ Jill Frenchman

All our love to you and your family Wade. I''''ll call you this week. ~ Greg Furst

Have a great ride, guys! ~ Lauren Espenshade

Be safe. ~ Sharon Tarr Worley

Good luck and keep pedaling!! ~ Gary Liddick

Here is to victory. O and O ~ Ned&Ings Book

yay! ~ Dana Stuart

Have fun! ~ gina casias

Thank you for your efforts to kill off this horrible disease! ~ charlie bernard

Peddle faster than fast to get the stress out. ~ Thomas Schendt

I''''ll be rooting for you the entire way! ~ Carin Knickel

Thanks for raising awareness and money to research and find a cure for Parkinson''''s! ~ Alyson Buchanan

Wishing your team the very best! ~ Lorrie Cisneros

Ride on! ~ Brandt Wilkins

Pedal hard ~ Thomas and tina Schendt

Have a great ride!! ~ Kelly Candelaria

Let''''s go the distance and have fun for a great cause! ~ joan brown

Go Country! ~ Dee Dee Marriott

Go Team! :) ~ Jessica Roe

Hope you have a great ride! Mark and Betsy ~ Mark DeHaven

Yay for you guys! Have a fun, safe ride. Looking forward to hearing how it goes. Will be sending energy to you over the airwaves! :-) ~ Celeste Hamman

My very best wishes will be with you. ~ Ann Root

Way to go Steve and Jane, I will be riding in spirit with you. ~ Tom Bevington

You''''re an inspiration, as always. :) ~ Rene Calabrese

Ride hard and fast, Derrin! ~ Craig Brown

Go Jane and Steve!!! ~ Julia Curry

Proud of you for all of your events! ~ Kimberly Yeary

Good luck! Debbie ~ Debbie Lynch

You go girl! It''''''''''''''''''''''''''''''''''''''''''''''''''''''''''''''''''''''''''''''''''''''''''''''''''''''''''''''''''''''''''''''''s a terrible disease that needs to be erraticated Fly with the wind. ~ Sharon Combs


Proud of you, Brent ! Love the tandem ride !! ~ Barbara Highison

Hope you exceed your goal! ~ Emily Linkous

Good luck and God Bless! ~ Juli Koerbel

Go big Don! (And Joe) ~ Andy Dalin

Crankin for the Bear rolls on in 2017! Go, Team! ~ Mary Neal Jones

Glad your still raising money for Parkinson''''s. ~ Garry Lundberg

Great Cause ~ Ronald Pigg

Great Cause ~ Ronald Pigg

Thank you, Derrin! ~ Richard Kelley



  Thomas Dethlefs
  MaeLee Nykerk
  Sue and Tom DenHerder
  Flint & Monique Hindman
  Employees of Lakewood Construction
  Deborah Kaplan
  Chris and Mary Doerr