Pedaling 4 Parkinson's Fundraising 2018

Pedaling 4 Parkinson's Fundraising 2018


Hopefully a nice warm-down ride after St George! ~ Matt Baker

Enjoy the ride! Cheers to a cure! ~ Juli Koerbel

You guys rock and are amazing! Glad we?re friends! ~ Lisa Kennedy

HAPPY PEDALING JANE AND STEVE!!! Right on!!! ~ Coleen Feil

Grammy is the greatest! ~ Tim Jenkins

Go Team Esstman! ~ Gregory Osborn

You go "V" ~ James Long

Hope you are well and all my best to your mom. Tell her I still think of her and I still love to write. ❤️ to you all. Sue ~ Susan Agostinelli

All the best and good luck!!! ~ Patti Sullivan

Ride on Jen! I know Dad will be right with you and so proud, just as he was that first time you got on two wheels with his hand guiding the way. Hopeful for a cure! ~ Peggy Harris

Go Ron! ~ Cindy Deal

Thank you, Deanna, for doing this not only for your family but for others dealing with Parkinson's! Best of luck and enjoy the ride! ~ Jenny Kelley

Thank you for riding for this event. ~ Duane Penny

Have a great ride and thanks for continuing your support of a cure for PD! We were just at the MJFox Foundation Gala in NYC and they are a dedicated and effective group of people aiming for that goal. Thanks for helping raise the $$$$!! ~ Jerry Carlson

Thanks Ron! We both really appreciate it. ~ ernest dallam

You are such an encouragement and blessing to all that know you. Enjoy the ride! Kyle and Liz ~ Kyle Berry

For our many friends and family who have Parkinson's Disease, we are pleased to help fund research. ~ Ralph and Nancy Rhiner

?May the Lord bless and protect you; may the Lord?s face radiate with joy because of you; may he be gracious to you, show you his favor, and give you his peace.? ~ Wendy Fleagane

Good luck!! Proud of you Don! Love, Nikki and Justin ~ Nicole Stawara

Wishing you a successful ride Deanna and Roger! What a great cause. ~ Mark and Kathy Pillmore

Enjoy the ride, Don and Cate!! ~ Al and Dana Peterfeso

Good Luck and safe pedaling to you and Roger ~ John Dries

For Carole ~ David Hooley

Thank you all for supporting this great cause!! ~ Kelly Candelaria

Great cause Kelly! Great to spend time with you, Sally, Bob and Drake ~ John / Heather Hoekstra / Koole

My heart is with you! ~ Frances Mohney

Thanks for doing this! My father-in-law has Parkinson's. Everything helps! Thank you for your peddling support! ~ Kristen Baltrum

Have a fun ride - Mark & Krista Boscoe ~ Krista Boscoe

Sending our love! ~ Tim & Hava Kishinevsky

I'm afraid you would leave me in the dust if I was riding with you. So proud of you for you unstoppable attitude. Love you. Aunt J'Lea ~ Tim Driver

Thank you all for raising money for such an important and underfunded cause. ~ Shawn Hazlak

Keep the wheels on the pavement ~ Bill Buns' Vickers

Have fun on the ride. ~ Garry Lundberg

In memory of my amazing Dad who passed away from complications of this horrible disease three years ago. I miss him so much. ~ Karen Larsen

In memory of my husband of 65 wonderful years. ~ Shirley Larsen

Good luck again this year! Debbie ~ Debbie Lynch

Hopefully some day there will be a cure for this devastating disease. ~ Sandra Larsen

Thanks Ron! ~ Matt Dallam

Good luck Kristen!❤️ ~ Sheila Szostowski

Good cause, Kristen. ~ Donna Pare

Good luck Kristen! xo ~ Nicole Szostowski

Good luck Kristen!! ❤️ ~ Kendra MacBride

Good Luck KEL, love DR and Tim ~ Denise Ryan

Good Luck Kristen! ~ Sharon Osborne

Go get 'em Lucey!! 😘😘 ~ Noreen Evans

Good luck! ~ Roberta Storm

Have fun! Love Jessica and Carlos ~ Jessica Roe

Pedal on! ~ Chris Bishop

Love you and miss you ~ J and J Berry

Great cause! Crush it Ron! ~ Robert Papendieck

You go Ron - we're in it for JP ~ Shirley Law

Go ladies! ~ Pamela Nocerino

You are an amazing inspiration in many ways to many people. ~ James Mueller

Thanks, guys. I'll be chewing, I mean 'Cheering" y'all on! ~ Bob Melancon

We think it is wonderful the way you both spend so much energy raising funds for such worthy causes. Have a great ride. ~ Tom Mattox

Enjoy the ride! We will be with you in spirit! ~ Jenny Ansay

Way to go dude. Keep the positivity! ~ Jennifer Medoff

Have fun! ~ Ann Root

Larry & I wish y'all a strong ride, wind at your backs, lots o fun! ~ Celeste Hamman

Steve, I'm so proud of you and amazed by your grace in are a marvelous spiritual example! - - Marilyn ~ Marilyn Watson

Here's some jingle To fund the fight, May the miles pass easy While you ride your bike. ~ Wheelie GutterBunny

Go Judy! ~ Linda Saltsman

Wishing you a terrific ride! ~ Coni D'Alessandro

Have a great ride! ~ Erik Habbinga

We love you and are soooooo proud of you!!! ~ Belinda Kemp

Think the world of you and go bite: Parkinsons ~ Laurie Macomber

Wishing I could ride with you❤️ ~ Marvin and Vannah Martin

Proud of you Steve! ~ April Everhart

Drop the hammer, my friend! ~ Carey Schock

!!! ~ Steve Martin

Thank you for raising money for this important cause! You are amazing!!! ~ Esther Pasternack

Robert Wagoner Go Chad & Jen!!! Do me proud! ~ Rob Wagoner

Thank you for caring! ~ Haskell & Julie Bee

Good luck on the ride!! ~ Alex & Lydia Hebbert

Thanks Kathy and Craig! Love B ~ Beth Kramer

Tell Rog, we'll give him some beer for after the ride. Or sometime. Happy pedaling. ~ Marcia & Bob Canter

Keep on pedaling!! ~ barbara Dorinski

Good luck Ryan and Grace😊 ~ Debbie Lovvorn

Go Derrin! ~ Amy Sgro

Go guys, wish we could be with you. Let's beat this thing! Love, Mike and Caroline ~ Mike and Caroline Gilbert

Good luck on the ride! We admire what you're doing and always happy to support this cause. ~ Alex & Lydia Hebbert

Way to go Grace and Ryan! ~ Peter Egan

Wishing you and Hannah a great ride for a great cause! Love, Aunt Carol and Uncle Terry ~ Carol Paine-McGovern

Do it! ~ Brian & Jennine Egan

Parkinson?s is an awful disease. Let?s hope efforts like this help bring us closer to a cure! Thanks for participating, Grace! Go get ?em! ~ Cyndee Everman

Best wishes with achieving your goal! ~ Sophia Kelley

Way to go!! We love you both! Jason, Rebecca, Chantelle, Aiden and Drake ~ Humphries Family

Woof woof ~ Adobo Biko

Be Safe! ~ Barbara Kramer

Pedal on, Team Brazier! So proud of you guys. ~ Arlene Stawnicz

Our orchid is still blooming! ~ PATRICIA FISKEI

So proud of you, my beautiful niece!!! You are an amazing young lady!!! Love you! Aunt Jackie ~ Jacqueline Logan

Proud of you Hannah! Love, Mimi ~ Mimi Lyons Bell

Great cause! My Mother had it and eventually died from complications. Thank you! ~ Nell Maisel

Praying safety for all the Team, praying for Barbara and Beth, praying for a cure!!! Love, Rob and Carol ~ Rob and Carol Comey

Go Hannah!!!! This is awesome!! ~ Katie Knox

This is awesome Hannah! On behalf of Mimi and all those suffering from this devastating disease we thank you! The more awareness and information out there will go a long way to helping find a cure. Love you, Mom & Dad😍 ~ Debbie White

Pedal to the metal! ~ Bass Man

Go for it, Derrin! ~ Craig Brown




  Arlene Stawnicz
  Mike and Caroline Gilbert
  ernest dallam
  Don & Carol Davenport
  Debbie White
  Rob and Carol Comey
  Gregory Osborn