Pedaling 4 Parkinson's Fundraising 2018

Pedaling 4 Parkinson's Fundraising 2018


Go, Team Don! ~ Jill Peterfeso

Steve and Kathy you both are amazing people. Bruce and I will be there in spirit with you both. ~ Connie Lacey Bruce Moellmer

❤️❤️Way to go!! ~ Delora Wise

Peddle Harder. / it?s going to be a hard(er) race / Harder?s playing hard/ it gets hard(er) by the mile /go hard(er)s ~ Mark and dolly Dreyer

Good luck Don! ~ Mary Ramm

Good luck!/MTL ~ The Lewis Clan

Yay! Nicole! ~ Kelli Adams

Good luck, Don! ~ Tom Tesar

Hapy to support great cause! ~ Nick Bokone

Go Don, you got this! ~ Leslie Bittle

As you have been doing your entire life Steve...Enjoy the ride!! ~ Mike Fibiger

We would ride with you if we good. We will do our own ride thinking about you. Love you both. ~ David Cook

John and I are happy to support you in this battle. We are sending good, strong, healthy thoughts your way! ~ Randee Steffen

:) ~ Nickie Oliva

Go Team Esstman!! ~ Bill & Cheryl Rooney

Peddle baby!! Great job Donny and good luck! ~ Bryan Keller

Enjoy the ride. Go Team Esstman. ❤️ ~ Lisa Speck

Big Dude and Dan keep the rubber side down and have a great ride!!! ~ Brad Nielsen

Good job Nic! ~ Andrew Petrone

Go Brown's! Joan, way to support a great cause. ~ Teresa Swarts

Kevin, Joan & the rest of the CenturyLink team -- You are our heroes for donating your time and muscles to this good cause! N & K & pups ~ Kevin Haney & Nancy Strelau

Go Team, Great cause. ~ Michael Zopes

Good luck!!! Yay Joan!!! ~ Alan Stachura

A great cause to represent! Go Joan! ~ Chris Weaver

Love you Joanie! Keep up the great work. ~ ANDREA GRUBER

Ride well for a good cause. ~ Stuart Pray

Good luck for a great cause! ~ Cindy Wessinger

Go for it Chris and Dan,we are very proud of you. Dad and Mom ~ Gorden Doerr

Thank you CenturyLink Team for Pedaling 4 Parkinson's!! ~ Kimberly Crawford

Great cause -- thank you and good luck to the team! ~ Leah Millen

Go team Lyon Heart!! Best wishes to Sue as well! ~ Barry Jackson

Stay Gold! ~ Michele Bentz

Love you Allison, I know Grandpa is so honored 💕 ~ Carolyn Isaacs

Go Jeff, go! ~ Dan Lissek

Good luck Kristen! ~ Carol Schieb

For Alan Staples, Rich Fanelli and in Memory of Aunt Helen Pulis ~ Clay Hodge

We are happy to support your team, Sue and Dan! ~ Eric and Sara Euteneuer

You're gonna ROCK IT!!!! What a great cause!! Love you! ~ Wendy Curley

Go Tammy! ~ Tara Carney

Good luck! ~ Ashleigh Rinehart

So impressed that you are doing this! ~ Barb&Lani Gabatino

In Memory of Joe Zettel ~ Norman Zettel

Go Sue! ~ Katie & Jarrod Aman

Have a great ride! ~ Von Yetzer

So proud of you!! :) ~ Stephanie Lindgren

Thank you so much for supporting this cause! GO TEAM!! ~ Susan Moak

Go team Sally!!!💙 ~ Lu Chappell

Team Lohmar Exel is cheering for Team Lyon Heart all the way! ~ Kathleen Lohmar Exel

I can?t say enough how much it means to me that you continue, year after year, to raise funds for Parkinson?s Disease. Thank you, Derrin! ~ Deborah Kaplan

Go Sue and Dan! ~ Allan & Karla Kosel

Go kick some butt! ~ Julie L

Good luck!!! ~ Kari Page

GO Sue and Team Lyon Heart!!! ~ Blake Engelhard

Sue - you inspire us all to stay gold. Our thoughts and prayer will be with on this trek and all your treks. ~ Pete and Leah Crouser

Full support! Have a great race! ~ Kaia Jackson

Sue, you are incredible! ~ Laura Oksnevad

Go for the Gold!! ~ Bonita Bock

You go girl! Good luck. ~ Elaine Cole

You?re Amazing, Strong and all around golden gal with the best attitude! Keep up the fight. ~ Karen & Lillian Hanson

Stay Gold, Sue! ~ Dawn Busch

Good cause, several friends are dealing with this disease. Glad you both are doing this. ~ Diana & Wayne Bruckner

👍 rock it Kelly! ~ Joel Vaandrager

For Jane and Hilary, with love and admiration ~ Valerie Southgate

Yay for you both! ~ Trudy Turvey

Good luck ~ Susan Tallant

Bike safe and good luck. ~ Rick Nolan

I will be there!! xoxoxo ~ Jeanne Monts

An impressive feat for a great cause! We'll be out of town, but look forward to hearing about it afterwards! -S & A ~ Alison Kroening

Roger--Thanks so much for participating in the Pedaling 4 Parkinson's bike race and for all your efforts to help find a cure for Parkinson's. The whole Carlson/Ruppert clan is so proud of you and Deanna! ~ Anne Ruppert

Thanks for all your hard work in helping finding a cure for Parkinson's! Good luck in the race! ~ Anne Ruppert

Love you Esstman family!!! ~ Nicole Brush

Credit Union of Colorado donation on behalf of Laurie Hallberg ~ Annie Rucker

Good Luck Chad and Jen! (I'll be joining you one of these years :)) ~ Matt Johnson

Be safe and enjoy the ride! ~ Steve Ringquist

Wish I could ride with you Wade. All my love to you, your father and the whole family! ~ Greg Furst

Have a good ride! And thanks to both you and Dana for being such gracious hosts and guides for our visit to Boulder. Loved it! Barbara Carlson ~ Barbara Carlson

Pedal Faster!! ~ Gary Liddick

Good Luck ~ Richard Hatten

You got this Wade, we know you can do it!!!!!! ~ Thomas Family

Proud of you, O & O ~ Edward Book

Go for it, Derrin! Good luck. ~ Andy Karpman

Have a great ride ~ Timothy McGlade

Drop the hammer... ~ Carey Schock

Love you guys! You?re the best...keep kicking ass Dad and Kara!, ~ Lesley Warhurst

I suffered through this with my mom! Would love to stop the suffering!!! Pedal hard xoxoxo ~ marla susser

Dad, we are so proud of you over these past four years! You are not letting PD define your life. Keep fighting, keep working out, keep on keeping on! We love you! A&W ~ Wade McCorkel

this is a test! ~ Kara Mertz

Awesome work, Steve! 🚲 💕 ~ Laura Noble

Love you, Bro! ~ Tim&Catherine Pigg

Go Kara & Joey!! We?re so proud of you. Love, Briana, Kevin, Anderson & Zachary ~ Briana Curran

?...those who hope in the LORD will renew their strength. They will soar on wings like eagles; they will run and not grow weary, they will walk and not be faint.? ~ Jason Heddings

Thanks Deanna and Roger. In memory of Robert Olson who lost his 19 year battle with Parkinson's ~ Alan & Debby Olson

Hopefully a nice warm-down ride after St George! ~ Matt Baker

Enjoy the ride! Cheers to a cure! ~ Juli Koerbel

You guys rock and are amazing! Glad we?re friends! ~ Lisa Kennedy

HAPPY PEDALING JANE AND STEVE!!! Right on!!! ~ Coleen Feil

Grammy is the greatest! ~ Tim Jenkins

Go Team Esstman! ~ Gregory Osborn

You go "V" ~ James Long

Hope you are well and all my best to your mom. Tell her I still think of her and I still love to write. ❤️ to you all. Sue ~ Susan Agostinelli

All the best and good luck!!! ~ Patti Sullivan

Ride on Jen! I know Dad will be right with you and so proud, just as he was that first time you got on two wheels with his hand guiding the way. Hopeful for a cure! ~ Peggy Harris

Go Ron! ~ Cindy Deal

Thank you, Deanna, for doing this not only for your family but for others dealing with Parkinson's! Best of luck and enjoy the ride! ~ Jenny Kelley

Thank you for riding for this event. ~ Duane Penny

Have a great ride and thanks for continuing your support of a cure for PD! We were just at the MJFox Foundation Gala in NYC and they are a dedicated and effective group of people aiming for that goal. Thanks for helping raise the $$$$!! ~ Jerry Carlson

Thanks Ron! We both really appreciate it. ~ ernest dallam

You are such an encouragement and blessing to all that know you. Enjoy the ride! Kyle and Liz ~ Kyle Berry

For our many friends and family who have Parkinson's Disease, we are pleased to help fund research. ~ Ralph and Nancy Rhiner

?May the Lord bless and protect you; may the Lord?s face radiate with joy because of you; may he be gracious to you, show you his favor, and give you his peace.? ~ Wendy Fleagane

Good luck!! Proud of you Don! Love, Nikki and Justin ~ Nicole Stawara

Wishing you a successful ride Deanna and Roger! What a great cause. ~ Mark and Kathy Pillmore

Enjoy the ride, Don and Cate!! ~ Al and Dana Peterfeso

Good Luck and safe pedaling to you and Roger ~ John Dries

For Carole ~ David Hooley

Thank you all for supporting this great cause!! ~ Kelly Candelaria

Great cause Kelly! Great to spend time with you, Sally, Bob and Drake ~ John / Heather Hoekstra / Koole

My heart is with you! ~ Frances Mohney

Thanks for doing this! My father-in-law has Parkinson's. Everything helps! Thank you for your peddling support! ~ Kristen Baltrum

Have a fun ride - Mark & Krista Boscoe ~ Krista Boscoe

Sending our love! ~ Tim & Hava Kishinevsky

I'm afraid you would leave me in the dust if I was riding with you. So proud of you for you unstoppable attitude. Love you. Aunt J'Lea ~ Tim Driver

Thank you all for raising money for such an important and underfunded cause. ~ Shawn Hazlak

Keep the wheels on the pavement ~ Bill Buns' Vickers

Have fun on the ride. ~ Garry Lundberg

In memory of my amazing Dad who passed away from complications of this horrible disease three years ago. I miss him so much. ~ Karen Larsen

In memory of my husband of 65 wonderful years. ~ Shirley Larsen

Good luck again this year! Debbie ~ Debbie Lynch

Hopefully some day there will be a cure for this devastating disease. ~ Sandra Larsen

Thanks Ron! ~ Matt Dallam

Good luck Kristen!❤️ ~ Sheila Szostowski

Good cause, Kristen. ~ Donna Pare

Good luck Kristen! xo ~ Nicole Szostowski

Good luck Kristen!! ❤️ ~ Kendra MacBride

Good Luck KEL, love DR and Tim ~ Denise Ryan

Good Luck Kristen! ~ Sharon Osborne

Go get 'em Lucey!! 😘😘 ~ Noreen Evans

Good luck! ~ Roberta Storm

Have fun! Love Jessica and Carlos ~ Jessica Roe

Pedal on! ~ Chris Bishop

Love you and miss you ~ J and J Berry

Great cause! Crush it Ron! ~ Robert Papendieck

You go Ron - we're in it for JP ~ Shirley Law

Go ladies! ~ Pamela Nocerino

You are an amazing inspiration in many ways to many people. ~ James Mueller

Thanks, guys. I'll be chewing, I mean 'Cheering" y'all on! ~ Bob Melancon

We think it is wonderful the way you both spend so much energy raising funds for such worthy causes. Have a great ride. ~ Tom Mattox

Enjoy the ride! We will be with you in spirit! ~ Jenny Ansay

Way to go dude. Keep the positivity! ~ Jennifer Medoff

Have fun! ~ Ann Root

Larry & I wish y'all a strong ride, wind at your backs, lots o fun! ~ Celeste Hamman

Steve, I'm so proud of you and amazed by your grace in are a marvelous spiritual example! - - Marilyn ~ Marilyn Watson

Here's some jingle To fund the fight, May the miles pass easy While you ride your bike. ~ Wheelie GutterBunny

Go Judy! ~ Linda Saltsman

Wishing you a terrific ride! ~ Coni D'Alessandro

Have a great ride! ~ Erik Habbinga

We love you and are soooooo proud of you!!! ~ Belinda Kemp

Think the world of you and go bite: Parkinsons ~ Laurie Macomber

Wishing I could ride with you❤️ ~ Marvin and Vannah Martin

Proud of you Steve! ~ April Everhart

Drop the hammer, my friend! ~ Carey Schock

!!! ~ Steve Martin

Thank you for raising money for this important cause! You are amazing!!! ~ Esther Pasternack

Robert Wagoner Go Chad & Jen!!! Do me proud! ~ Rob Wagoner

Thank you for caring! ~ Haskell & Julie Bee

Good luck on the ride!! ~ Alex & Lydia Hebbert

Thanks Kathy and Craig! Love B ~ Beth Kramer

Tell Rog, we'll give him some beer for after the ride. Or sometime. Happy pedaling. ~ Marcia & Bob Canter

Keep on pedaling!! ~ barbara Dorinski

Good luck Ryan and Grace😊 ~ Debbie Lovvorn

Go Derrin! ~ Amy Sgro

Go guys, wish we could be with you. Let's beat this thing! Love, Mike and Caroline ~ Mike and Caroline Gilbert

Good luck on the ride! We admire what you're doing and always happy to support this cause. ~ Alex & Lydia Hebbert

Way to go Grace and Ryan! ~ Peter Egan

Wishing you and Hannah a great ride for a great cause! Love, Aunt Carol and Uncle Terry ~ Carol Paine-McGovern

Do it! ~ Brian & Jennine Egan

Parkinson?s is an awful disease. Let?s hope efforts like this help bring us closer to a cure! Thanks for participating, Grace! Go get ?em! ~ Cyndee Everman

Best wishes with achieving your goal! ~ Sophia Kelley

Way to go!! We love you both! Jason, Rebecca, Chantelle, Aiden and Drake ~ Humphries Family

Woof woof ~ Adobo Biko

Be Safe! ~ Barbara Kramer

Pedal on, Team Brazier! So proud of you guys. ~ Arlene Stawnicz

Our orchid is still blooming! ~ PATRICIA FISKEI

So proud of you, my beautiful niece!!! You are an amazing young lady!!! Love you! Aunt Jackie ~ Jacqueline Logan

Proud of you Hannah! Love, Mimi ~ Mimi Lyons Bell

Great cause! My Mother had it and eventually died from complications. Thank you! ~ Nell Maisel

Praying safety for all the Team, praying for Barbara and Beth, praying for a cure!!! Love, Rob and Carol ~ Rob and Carol Comey

Go Hannah!!!! This is awesome!! ~ Katie Knox

This is awesome Hannah! On behalf of Mimi and all those suffering from this devastating disease we thank you! The more awareness and information out there will go a long way to helping find a cure. Love you, Mom & Dad😍 ~ Debbie White

Pedal to the metal! ~ Bass Man

Go for it, Derrin! ~ Craig Brown




  Steve & Jane Roe
  Arlene Stawnicz
  Mike and Caroline Gilbert
  ernest dallam
  Don & Carol Davenport
  Mike & Julie Esstman
  Deborah Kaplan