Pedaling 4 Parkinson's Fundraising 2018

Derrin Pigg

This is my 6th year of participating in P4P, and raising funds to help fight Parkinson's. As we all do, I have both friends and family members who battle Parkinson's on a daily basis. With your assistance, we can help them in this battle. Please consider a contribution. Any little bit helps. Let's kick Parkinsons' butt!!!!

I'm a member of Old Guys with Aches and Pains, click here to view our team page


See you Saturday ~ Tom Ritz

Feel free to make my husband work hard for the money. :) ~ Lavonne Tetrault

1/2 of the Carol/Lori Donation ~ Lori Lynn

1/2 of the Lori/Carol donation. ~ Carol Zahn

Rock it Darrin! ~ Shelly Wilson

I can?t say enough how much it means to me that you continue, year after year, to raise funds for Parkinson?s Disease. Thank you, Derrin! ~ Deborah Kaplan

Go for it, Derrin! Good luck. ~ Andy Karpman

All the best and good luck!!! ~ Patti Sullivan

Have a great ride and thanks for continuing your support of a cure for PD! We were just at the MJFox Foundation Gala in NYC and they are a dedicated and effective group of people aiming for that goal. Thanks for helping raise the $$$$!! ~ Jerry Carlson

For our many friends and family who have Parkinson's Disease, we are pleased to help fund research. ~ Ralph and Nancy Rhiner

Keep the wheels on the pavement ~ Bill Buns' Vickers

Have fun on the ride. ~ Garry Lundberg

Good luck again this year! Debbie ~ Debbie Lynch

Here's some jingle To fund the fight, May the miles pass easy While you ride your bike. ~ Wheelie GutterBunny

Wishing you a terrific ride! ~ Coni D'Alessandro

Go Derrin! ~ Amy Sgro

Go for it, Derrin! ~ Craig Brown

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