Pedaling 4 Parkinson's Fundraising 2018

Deanna Hebbert

Here I am with my sister Carole who was diagnosed with PD nearly 10 years ago. On her behalf and for all those who suffer from PD, I am participating in P4P on June 16, 2018 and riding 60 miles. Thank you for your support and donations.

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Glad you survived the ride! ~ Joanne Meester

For your sister ~ Vicki Bahls

Hope this wasn't too late. ~ Elaine Morse

Good for you Deanna!!! We know personally how debilitating this disease do you. ~ Dale St Clair

Have a great ride! ~ Glenn Summers

Thanks for all your hard work in helping finding a cure for Parkinson's! Good luck in the race! ~ Anne Ruppert

Have a great ride ~ Timothy McGlade

Thanks Deanna and Roger. In memory of Robert Olson who lost his 19 year battle with Parkinson's ~ Alan & Debby Olson

Thank you, Deanna, for doing this not only for your family but for others dealing with Parkinson's! Best of luck and enjoy the ride! ~ Jenny Kelley

Thank you for riding for this event. ~ Duane Penny

Wishing you a successful ride Deanna and Roger! What a great cause. ~ Mark and Kathy Pillmore

Good Luck and safe pedaling to you and Roger ~ John Dries

For Carole ~ David Hooley

Thanks for doing this! My father-in-law has Parkinson's. Everything helps! Thank you for your peddling support! ~ Kristen Baltrum

Thank you for caring! ~ Haskell & Julie Bee

Tell Rog, we'll give him some beer for after the ride. Or sometime. Happy pedaling. ~ Marcia & Bob Canter

Keep on pedaling!! ~ barbara Dorinski

Good luck on the ride! We admire what you're doing and always happy to support this cause. ~ Alex & Lydia Hebbert

Created February 28, 2018

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Deanna Hebbert

Longmont, CO

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