Pedaling 4 Parkinson's Fundraising 2018

Steve Martin

No way I'm going to let Parkinson's stop me. Let's kick this thing together!


Way to go dude. Keep the positivity! ~ Jennifer Medoff

Steve, I'm so proud of you and amazed by your grace in are a marvelous spiritual example! - - Marilyn ~ Marilyn Watson

Have a great ride! ~ Erik Habbinga

We love you and are soooooo proud of you!!! ~ Belinda Kemp

Think the world of you and go bite: Parkinsons ~ Laurie Macomber

Wishing I could ride with you❤️ ~ Marvin and Vannah Martin

Proud of you Steve! ~ April Everhart

Drop the hammer, my friend! ~ Carey Schock

!!! ~ Steve Martin